The best review is “Word of Mouth”. We realize that.

We realize nothing beats your friend telling you about our office. In fact, majority of our patients are direct referrals from our past patients.

You see; we believe in a good foundation in our doctor/patient relationship. We understand and listen. Believe it or not, patients can tell within a few seconds if a dentist is worth visiting again.

Although we have great reviews, we want you to ask around. Our practice’s growth is directly correlated to the word of mouth about our office. We have ran the numbers and have looked into this and over 80% of our new patients population is a direct referral.

We believe our good reviews come directly because of how we make our patients feel. We don’t rush anyone to get any sort of treatment done. We involve the patient in his/her own treatment plan. We allow the patient to think about his/her treatment plan, if the patients wants and needs to.

Our doctor believes in educating his patients, making his recommendations, and involving the patient in the entire treatment phase.

Go ahead and give us a try… You deserve the best dentist and dental treatment… You deserve honesty and integrity… You deserve to know everything about your health… That is the entire philosophy behind our practice.
If you are interested in reading our reviews. They are listed on Yelp, and numerous other sites.

Thank you

Real Reviews from Real Patients:

jason g - CA, United States

Great overall experience!

Oscar L - CA, United States

Best Dental office ever! Dr. Arde was kind enough to take me in last minute as a emergency appointment. I can't think of any other office that will take you in last minute. I already booked my 6 month cleaning. Thanks again Dr. Arde

Tony L - CA, United States

It's so hard to find a dental office that is opened on the weekend so when I found Dr. Khou's office i booked a appointment. Can't say nothing but positive things about him and his assistant!

Sandy E - CA, United States

I had nothing but a positive experience at ASK dental group !

Alex - CA, United States

Great service and friendly staff. My dental work was completed in two sessions with great results.

Sandra K - CA, United States

Went in for a cleaning and found out I had a cavity...bummer! The Dr was nice enough to get that done for me that same day. Didn't feel any pain at all. I will be returning in 6 months & will recommend everyone i know to Dr. Khou

James M - CA, United States

doctor is a Kind human being. and a true credit to his profession. this is one of my few 5 star dentist visits. Compassionate people rock.

Sherry R

Service A+. Location A+. Contracted with UCSHIP dental plans so obviously that's a plus. In and out in less than 1 hour. Thank you

Steven W. - CA, United States

service was great and will be coming back over and over.

Lynn N - CA, United States

Dr. Ardy and his staff are kind and extremely professional to work with. Dr. Ardy is a great dentist, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. It is extremely easy to make appointments. with this office unlike many other offices and they worked with your insurance company directly. Highly recommended.

Virginia G

Very convenient location! Loved how Dr. Arde's dental office didn't feel or smell like a regular dentist. I will be returning soon!

Liz R. - CA, United States

Saw me last minute and took care of me. thank you doc

Luis C - CA, United States

Dr.Khou is hands down the best dentist I have ever visited! Very convenient location! I went in for a cleaning and loved the service I received, his assistant was very kind.

Atie - CA, United States

I was very pleased with my visit. Dr. Khou took time to thoroughly exam my teeth and explain in detail his findings and recommendations. His work is exceptional and I would highly recommend his services.

Isabella - CA, United States

I went into Dr. Arde's office for a tooth ache i had & got some x-rays done and sure enough it was a cavity. Im terrified of needles but I trusted Dr. Arde... He asked me throughout the procedure if I was in any pain and if I was okay. He even followed up with me the next day to see how I was doing, I'm going to recommend him to all my friends. Two thumbs up for him!

Leslie - CA, United States

Dr. Khou is very kind and friendly and always asks me questions to make sure I'm doing alright and am not in any pain. The office is very clean and I can tell that at Dr. Khou really cares about his patients because he follows up with you every time.

kmsharp - CA, United States

I love the doctor and staff. The doctor was very informative gentle and kind i had a bad cavity and thought it would be painful but not only did I NOT feel any pain but it didn't take to long. The staff in general was very sweet! I will continue to come here.

Alfredo C - CA, United States

I went to Dr. Khou for a cleaning, his work was amazing with excellent results and surprisingly done in less than an hour. His work space is very organized and clean, as well as his assistant who is very polite and helpful. I would recommend many to visit this dentist.

Mellowyellow - CA, United States

my service was quick & easy

FrankM.V.- CA, United States

Ok, so i'm new to this town. actually to this state. have been going to my parent's dentist ever since I can remember. Now that I look back, my old dentist doesn't even compare. Dr. Ardy is simply great. I'm not the type to write reviews but I was impressed and filled this out immediately after I left. I am a UCLA student under UCSHIP which was provided to me. The Dr. had his front office work with me on the costs. I seriously can't remember the last time someone was so kind. Thank you guys.

Margaret J. - CA, United States

Simply the best experience I've had at a dental center in years. Los Angeles is filled with doctors. Make sure you go to an honest one. I know. Trust me. Best Dentist In the entire city county zip code los angeles. YES.

Laura M. - CA, United States

Dr. Ardy is such a great dentist!!! He caught a problem with an old root canal I’ve had that other dentists never caught over the last few years. He then fixed a chip in my tooth and gave me a quick cleaning. He’s very kind and knowledgeable and works delicately but efficiently. I am so satisfied with my appointment and am finally happy with my smile again!!

All of the other people that work there are also kind. I’m definitely sticking to Ask Dental for reliable and quality dental work!!

Alouette, O - CA, United States

wow, I didn’t expect to find a great dentist like Dr Ardy. I am from France and never had, so far, to go to a US dentist.

I did a lot of research on internet to find someone.

Dr Ardy went above my expectation. I am very sensitive and when it comes to dentist or doctor appointments I am emotionally distress.

Dr Ardy is not only kind, he does a painless work, explaining everything he will do. He does try to save the tooth before taking major option. And it worked for me. Taking my old filling and putting a new one! It worked pain was gone.

The most he does check up on you to make sure you are ok.

He also helped me to understand how dental insurance works and so I switched. Dental is too important, having a cheap insurance is no good.

The staff is so warm and welcoming as well. I am definitely going back to Ask Dental Group and have Dr Ardy taking care of my teeth.

Thank you for such a great painless and caring job. I was so stress when I came in, and I relaxed during the treatment.

I highly recommend Dr Ardy and his staff. You can go there with trust and no fear of dentist. His background as a pediatric dentist is shown as he really care about how you feel and knows how to comfort you. Real-Time Appointment Confirmation

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